Hair Design Academy Saint John
  • Hands on experience on over 250 clients per student.
  • Monthly intake of students. Start at your convenience!
  • 3 full-time instructors. Low student to instructor ratio.
  • On-site Student Services Manager.
  • In operation since 1985, hundreds of successful graduates.

Academy of Hair Design in Saint John

The Academy of Hair Design, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, was founded in 1985 to provide dedicated hair stylists with the hands on experience that they need to take their passion to the next level.

Along with providing the very best hair design instruction in Saint John, we also offer several additional services to our graduate students. We are proud to offer job postings, placement assistance, information on future events, tuition rebates, and loan repayments to make the transition into your new career as seamless as possible.

44 Week Program

Our 44 week program includes 1,600 hours of training and will, on average, provide each student with 250 people, or more, to perform services on. During the final 120 hours of the program, our students gain real work experience in local salons to provide them with optimal hands on experience, as well as to help our students get their foot in the door with several hiring salons.

If you have the dream to work among the best hair designers, then Saint John’s hair design program can help you to get there! Even if you think you will not be able to afford our exclusive Saint John hair design program, CONTACT US today and we can review financial assistance with you.


Head on over to the Photo Gallery to check out the photos from our latest school events: you'll find shots from the Fantasy Competition, Halloween and a few graduating classes.

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There is a new video in the "Fun Stuff" section. Check it out!

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Head on over to the Photo Gallery to check out the photos from our latest school events: you'll find the recent Fantasy Competition, Hair Fashion Show, Skills Competition and even a Trashy Wedding for you to enjoy!

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